A college pastime has grown into a legitimate professional sport. Disc golf is growing by leaps and bounds, providing outdoor opportunities for everyone. We have one of the best courses in the state of West Virginia, and one of the top 100 courses in the country. The discs are soaring at Grand Vue Park with three courses: the yellow, white, and the infamous black course. These courses feature spectacular views, great trekking, and a well-manicured park full of amenities.

Disc golf is played with discs of various weights, bevels, and plastic pliability, most similarly to backyard toy favorite the “Frisbee.” Do not confuse or call them by their brand name! Discs of their various dimensions are just as diverse as the clubs in a traditional golfer’s bag. The advanced disc golfer has a plethora of discs to choose from to help him/her with that perfect shot, including putters, mid-range, and distance/driver discs. Additionally, some discs can affect the golfer’s style of throw, helping them curve their discs to the left and right.


Head up to Grand Vue Park the next two weekends to try your best in tournament play. During Labor Day weekend we have the 2016 Johnny Sias Championship that will bring disc golfers from all over the country. This tournament is a part of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and part of the West Virginia Disc Golf Association Point Series Event. During this weekend long event we will celebrate the accomplishments and give back to our course designer, Mr. WV disc golf himself, Johnny Sias. The Big Red Barn at the park is the central hub for our disc golf, now home to the West Virginia Disc Golf Hall of Fame and Flurry’s Ice Cream Shop and Sweets. The following weekend, September 10th, we have the Inaugural Disc Golf Tournament for the Faith in Action service organization.

Both tournaments are always open and newcomers to the sport are welcome. Also, Grand Vue Park provides disc rentals at the Big Red Barn at the park. Just bring a photo ID to rent discs. To learn more about the sport and the events please visit the following websites:

Johnny Sias Championship:

Faith in Action Tournament:





By Jesse Mestrovic


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