The Grave Creek Mound Archaeological Complex

The Grave Creek Mound Archaeological Complex is the site of one of the most famous and the largest of the Adena Burial mounds and Moundsville’s namesake!

Artifacts and exhibits interpreting the lifestyle of the Adena people are displayed in the Delf Norona Museum, adjacent to the 2,000 year old mound.
The most impressive and largest Adena mound, Grave Creek Mound is the largest conical type of any of the mound builder structures. Construction of the mound took place in successive stages from about 250-150 B.C. In 1838, road engineers measured its height at 69 feet and its diameter at the base at 295 feet.
The site is also home to the State of West Virginia’s Archaeological Collection.

Museum is Open Year-Round for Tours!

Contact Info:
Address: 801 Jefferson Avenue Moundsville, WV 26041
Phone: (304)845-4128

Some great photos of the #GraveCreekMound